The grades of Membership

You have a choice of three grades of Membership of NFSH (NZ) Inc.:

  • Friend – if you wish to be a supporter and have not attended any NFSH training. All benefits apply (except those requiring NFSH Healer Training).
  • Associate – if you have completed at least Part 1 of the NFSH (UK) Healer Training Course. You receive all benefits, including access to student insurance if you require it.
  • Healer – if you have completed all four parts of the NFSH (UK) Healer Training Course and have passed the other healer requirements detailed on our Healer Training Courses page. You receive all membership benefits, plus you have the opportunity to …

    • become a professional health provider
    • become a Healing Trust Healer Member (after attending an interview in the UK)
    • train as an NFSH Licensed Tutor through the NFSH (UK).

Fellow Membership is conferred on those who have given valuable service over an extended period of time.


The benefits of Membership

There are many benefits of joining the NFSH in New Zealand. If you would like to do so, please click and print out our Membership Application Form. The Membership Subscription is only $60 p.a. for Friends and Associates and $70 p.a. for Healers. Senior citizens get a $10 discount.

  • You will be joining a principal Spiritual Healing Organisation. Although the NFSH (NZ) Inc. is New Zealand based, it is an international organisation with members currently in NZ, UK, Europe, Australia, Thailand and Singapore. The NFSH is affiliated to the NFSH (UK) The Healing Trust and the NHPNZ (Natural Health Practitioners of NZ).
  • Our holistically-based training course enables you to understand and maintain high professional standard of healing work. You gain public credibility for your healing work through the training given under the 4-part NFSH (UK) Healer Training Course – structured in unit standards. The course carries international accreditation and certification from both UK and NZ.
  • You will be healing under the NFSH (NZ) Members' Code of Conduct, which offers protection to the public and includes disciplinary procedures, should they be required.
  • You have access to $2m full Comprehensive and Public Liability Insurance through direct affiliation with the NHPNZ (Natural Health Practitioners of NZ). This is available only for NZ-based Associate and Healer Members at this time.
  • You receive ongoing supervision and support. The NFSH promotes networking of its members throughout the world through The Healer Directory (available to Members only).
  • You can take an active part in our Open Healing Mornings which we hold at the Grahamstown Hall, Pollen Street, Thames on the first Saturday of each month from 8.30am until 11.30am as part of the Thames Market. Give and receive spiritual healing and have a chat to some of your fellow NFSH Members.
  • Our aim is to set up Healer Networking meetings, giving you the opportunity to practise your healing skills and/or receive some hands-on healing, as well as meet other NFSH members. With interest, a group can be started anywhere in NZ where there is a need.
  • Another aim is to gain government recognition of NFSH Healing as a mainstream natural therapy, with the help of, and through our affiliation with the NHPNZ (Natural Health Practitioners of NZ).
  • You can join our Healer Referral System, as an Associate or Healer Member. You are advised by email, phone or letter of any need a member of the public might have in your area. 
  • You also become a part of an International Distant Healing Network. The NFSH actively connects patients with many healers worldwide.
  • Each year you receive three issues of our newsletter, The Healing Bulletin, which keeps you up-to-date about what is happening in the NFSH and the wider world of healing work. We welcome the submission of Member Profiles and articles, and advertising space is available at reasonable prices.


The responsibilities of Membership

Of course, there are certain responsibilities that come with membership of the NFSH:

  • Membership of the National Federation of Synergistic Healers (NZ) Inc. is conditional upon acceptance of the terms of the NFSH Members' Code of Conduct.
  • To regularly work with the International Distant Healing List in whatever way is appropriate for you.
  • To practise the NFSH physical Act of Healing as often as possible, once you have been taught it.
  • To attend Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings whenever possible.
  • To continue an on-going training/learning process.
  • To promote a responsible, professional attitude towards spiritual healing and the public awareness of it.
  • To help raise funds for the NFSH.


We invite you to make all these benefits yours, as well as to support our organisation now, an organisation which is doing much to develop and support Spiritual Healing in New Zealand.

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