NFSH Healing is an holistic way to health

NFSH Healing is the healing of the sick in body, mind and spirit by Universal Healing Energies tuned into through prayer and meditation to the "Highest of the High" Universal Spiritual Source, whether or not in the presence of the patient. The NFSH cannot and does not promise a cure, however in most cases, there is a benefit and improvement in health of some kind felt by the patient in body, mind and/or spirit.

NFSH Healing is the art and science of assisting the restoration of health at all levels of Man’s being irrespective of where ill-health has manifested. No affirmation of religious faith is required of the patient. By the laying on of hands a healer seeks to induce a beneficial effect upon a patient’s life force at all levels of existence.

NFSH Healing may be given for any illness, stress or injury as a therapy which has no side effects and is complementary to all other therapies and medicines. The medically diagnosed nature or severity of the illness is unimportant with regard to the outcome. Case histories range from the trivial to diagnosed terminal illness in which recovery has taken place. No one can say in advance whether NFSH Healing will be beneficial in any particular case, but it happens too often to be coincidental every time.

Apart from its therapeutic effect in relieving pain and in the restoration of function, NFSH Healing is notable for marked improvements in patients’ attitudes and their quality of life.



How does it work?

The Healing Energies from Source are transmitted from the spiritual level synergistically through the agency of a trained healer so that they can induce a beneficial effect on the patient’s own energy field of their personal life and upon the person as a whole on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

In individual cases of illness or stress these Energies can be directed and applied to a particular disease or imbalance in the Life Force within the person to stimulate natural recovery and to bring peace of mind.


Is it necessary to have faith?

No, but an open mind and a strong desire to be well does help. NFSH Healing  is beyond differences in religion, but, if you want, have a word with your vicar, pastor, minister, priest or equivalent if you belong to a particular faith. Healing was undertaken by priests long before the medical profession was established.

The NFSH is not concerned with distinctions of race, class or religious belief.


Are there different kinds of NFSH Healing?

There are two kinds. Firstly, personal contact between healer and patient, which is referred to as ’the laying on of hands’ and is also sometimes called ’contact healing’, ’hand healing’ or ’touch healing’.

Secondly, healing at a distance, called distant (or absent) healing, is used extensively for absent sick persons and can be done in a meditative state. Distant healing is practised by spiritual healers, either individually or in a group, who attune to the Universal Source to beam Healing Energy to the patient. There is no restriction as to where in the universe the person needing healing is, and the healing will be received instantly.

Distant healing is at a level beyond the physical and evidence shows it can be very effective — particularly so in the treatment of young children, and in cases of mental illness or drug and alcohol addiction.


What happens when I go to a NFSH Healer?

The healer helps you to relax mentally and physically and then allows the Healing Energy to flow to you by laying his/her hands on or near you. Patients may sense the flow of energies with pleasant feelings of warmth or cooling, tingling or relaxation.



Does NFSH Healing always work?

The NFSH cannot and does not promise a cure. Sometimes one treatment is enough, and more often than not beneficial results appear gradually. 

Patients receiving healing over a period of time usually feel some benefit even if it is only being more relaxed about everything and experiencing a beneficial change in attitudes to life and emotions. This often applies, even in cases of terminal illness where the patient acquires a serenity that brings comfort through healing at all levels of body, mind and spirit, both to themselves and to family and friends.


Can NFSH Healing do any harm?

Definitely not. Unlike drugs, which may do damage, NFSH Healing has the enormous advantage of having no harmful side effects. NFSH Healing can be given to anyone, irrespective of what medication or other treatment they are on, as the Energy simply enhances and speeds up the healing process.

Being synergistic it works with all other therapies. It cannot interfere with any other therapy. It can do no harm, and there is no risk involved.


What about my doctor?

As this question implies, patients often decide to seek NFSH Healing only after trying orthodox medical treatment. However it is not necessarily a substitute or an alternative. NFSH Healing is complementary to all other forms of treatment. A growing number of doctors (and nurses) practise spiritual healing, and registered NFSH Healers visit patients in hospitals on request, with the doctor retaining overall responsibility for the patient.

You should always tell a healer what medical advice and treatment you may be having, or have had, and you will not be asked to alter it. Patients having active medical treatment are advised to tell the doctor that they are receiving NFSH Healing. You should also ensure that the healer is a currently registered NFSH Healer.

In the UK the General Medical Council allows doctors to recommend spiritual healing to their patients. Healers can be paid by the Hospital Boards and by the Government-run National Health Service.


Note to Medical Professionals: You may be interested to take our two day introductory course (see Part 1) to gain a comprehensive insight into the benefits and application of NFSH Healing to you and your patients.


What about after a serious illness or surgery?

NFSH Healing can help the speed of the recovery and the extent of recovery from a serious illness from surgery or from the effects of treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation. It works well in conjunction with all forms of holistic medicine and with new approaches to cancer.


Can I help the healer?

Yes. Allow yourself to have an open mind and wait patiently and confidently. Putting up a barrier in your mind blocks the flow of Healing Energies. Try not to feel resentful about your illness and tell yourself that you are moving towards greater harmony of body, mind and spirit.


How can I help myself?

Learn to think positively and creatively about restoring your bodily health and your peace of mind. Exercise yourself gently in deep breathing, relaxation and visualisation of yourself in better health. Ensure you keep to a healthful and nutritious diet. Give a little time each day for your own self-attunement to the “Highest” Universal Source of Healing, so that you are supplementing daily the help you are receiving from visits to the NFSH Healer.

If you want cassette tapes or books on relaxation/ meditation, you can ask your healer for advice or contact us.



Is there any charge for NFSH Healing?

It depends. NFSH Healing may be given in private consultations, clinic sessions, therapy groups, etc. Many healers are voluntary workers in community service and the NFSH is a registered charity, relying on membership and donations. You should ask when making the appointment whether there is a fee or a donation to cover costs, including any travel by the healer.

In any case, if you are charged a fee, you are paying for the healer’s time rather than for the healing itself. A healer does need to be able to support him/herself.


Some further thoughts

NFSH Healing goes to the deeper levels of a person’s being where many illnesses have their origin (stress, tension and fatigue), so symptoms disappear when the cause is removed. A change to a positive way of thinking and sensible living will continue the good work started by the healing.

It has been shown time and again that there are tremendous forces of nature to be tapped. Over many years spiritual healing has been neglected in the search for technological removal of symptoms rather than tackling the basic reasons for disease. Spiritual and NFSH Healers now continue the widespread practice of laying on of hands.

Hundreds of patients turn to natural spiritual healing every day and speak of the benefits they have received — so many that it cannot be coincidence in every case. The benefits of spiritual healing have also been proved by modern research.


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