Healer Training Course - Part 4

A 3-day intensive workshop – usually a weekend + Monday (approx. 8am – 7:30pm Days 1 & 2; 8am to 6:30pm Day 3 - $750, including one text book).

There are 10 topics, as briefly detailed below:

ATTUNEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL HEALING & THE NFSH ACT OF HEALING (Part 4) – Further experience and practice. Learn more about how and why the attunements work and different ways of giving healing.

NFSH (NZ) INC. CODE OF CONDUCT & FIRST AID (Part 2) – Learn more information plus experience. (The First Aid information does not replace the need for a professionally certificated Workplace First Aid Course.)

THE NATURE OF DISEASE & CREATIVE HEALTH (Part 2) – Gain further knowledge and experience.

THE BREATH (Part 4) – Understanding other aspects of the Breath in healing.

CORDING AND DE-CORDING – What it is, why it is needed and how to do it.

DEATH AND DYING – Learn about death and grief management.

COMMUNICATING WITH THE PATIENT (Part 2) – Learn and practise further professional communication skills, for working with patients.

SOUND/MOVEMENT/COLOUR – Learn and experience these three subjects and their importance in healing.

REINCARNATION – A brief history with group discussions.

THE HEALER’S ROLE IN THE COSMIC PLAN & THE HEALING PATH – an interesting close to the NFSH (UK) Healer Training Course, with group discussions.


SENSING ENERGIES – Numerous exercises are scattered throughout all four Parts of the course for the student to sense energy in different ways – to facilitate the learning process of the spiritual aspects of energy and how energy affects the human body on all levels.

Course Dates are here.

Please contact us to register for the course.