Course – Part 4


[10 subjects] – A brief detail of each subject is listed below

A 3-day intensive – usually a weekend + Monday (approx. 8am – 7:30 Days 1 & 2; 8am – 6:30pm Day 3) includes 1 text book.

Attunements for Spiritual Healing & the NFSH “Act of Healing” (Part 4)
NFSH (NZ) Inc. Code of Conduct & First Aid (Part 2)
The Nature of Disease & Creative Health (Part 2)
The Breath (Part 4)
Cording and De-cording
Death & Dying
Communicating With The Patient (Part 2)
The Healer’s Role In The Cosmic Plan & The Healing Path

Sensing Energies (Practicals – done in all 4 Parts of the Course)

ATTUNEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL HEALING & THE NFSH “ACT OF HEALING” (Part 4) – More experience and practice. Learn more about how and why the attunements work and different ways of giving healing.

NFSH (NZ) INC. CODE OF CONDUCT & FIRST AID (Part 2) – Learn more information plus experience. (The First Aid information does not replace the need for a professionally certificated First Aid Course.)

THE NATURE OF DISEASE & CREATIVE HEALTH (Part 2) – Gain further knowledge and experience.

THE BREATH (Part 4) – Understanding other aspects of the Breath in healing.

CORDING AND DECORDING – What it is, why it is needed and how to do it.

DEATH AND DYING – Learn about death and grief management.

COMMUNICATING WITH THE PATIENT (Part 2) – Learn and practice further professional communication skills, for working with Patients.

SOUND/MOVEMENT/COLOUR – Learn and experience these three subjects and their importance in healing.

REINCARNATION – A brief history with group discussions.

THE HEALER’S ROLE IN THE COSMIC PLAN & THE HEALING PATH – an interesting close to the NFSH UK “Foundation Healing” Course, with group discussions.

SENSING ENERGIES – Several exercises are scattered throughout the course (all 4 Parts) for the student to sense energy in different ways – to facilitate the learning process of the spiritual aspects of energy and how energy affects the human body on all levels.