Course – Part 2


[12 subjects] – A brief detail of each subject is listed below

A 3-day intensive – usually a weekend + Monday (approx. 8am – 7:30 Days 1 & 2; 8am – 6:30pm Day 3) includes 2 text books.

The Physical Body
The Spiritual Nature of Healing (Part 2)
Chakras & Auras (Part 2)
Breathing & Relaxation Techniques (Part 2)
Visualisation (Part 1)
Meditation (Part 2)
Attunements for Spiritual Healing & The NFSH “Act of Healing” (Part 2)
Distant Healing (Part 1)
Practical Administration of a Healing Session (Part 1)
The Nature of Disease & Holistic Healing (Part 1)
The Role of the Creative Mind & Positive Affirmations (Part 2)
Stress Management (Part 2)

Sensing Energies (Practicals – done in all 4 Parts of the Course)

THE PHYSICAL BODY – How it relates to and is affected by Healing energy

SPIRITUAL NATURE OF HEALING (Part 2) – gain further insights into Spiritual Awareness concepts of Karma, Past Lives, Miracles, etc., and how they relate to healing.

CHAKRAS & AURAS (Part 2) – Learn more information plus several healing techniques.

BREATHING & RELAXATION TECHNIQUES (Part 2) – Learn more comprehensive information and techniques experienced.

VISUALISATION (Part 1) – Learn how visualisation affects our minds and bodies and its role in healing.

MEDITATION (Part 2) – Continuing the learning process and gain more experience.

ATTUNEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL HEALING & THE NFSH “ACT OF HEALING” (Part 2) – Experience and gain insights into how and why the attunements work. Practice different ways of giving healing.

DISTANT HEALING (Part 1) – Learning and experience how and why Distant Healing works. Find out how to get a Group started.

PRACTICAL ADMINISTRATION OF A HEALING SESSION (Part 1) – Learning professional attributes – at home, in hospital, or in a clinic – including Healing Protocols.

THE NATURE OF DISEASE & HOLISTIC HEALING (Part 1) – Make sense of mind, language, body links and their effect on disease and healing.

THE ROLE OF THE CREATIVE MIND & POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS (Part 2) – Learn more information and gain more experience.

STRESS MANAGEMENT (Part 2) – Gain further knowledge and experience with stress management.

NFSH (NZ) INC. CODE OF CONDUCT (Part 1) – An in depth look at the rules and why we need them.

SENSING ENERGIES – Several exercises are scattered throughout the course (all 4 Parts) for the student to sense energy in different ways – to facilitate the learning process of the spiritual aspects of energy and how energy affects the human body on all levels.