Course – Part 1


[11 subjects] – A brief detail of each subject is listed below.

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A 2-day workshop – usually a weekend (approx. 8am – 7:30 Day 1; 8am to 6:30 Day 2)

History of Spiritual Healing
The Spiritual Nature of Healing (Part 1)
Understanding Cosmic/Universal Energy
Understanding Chakras & Auras (Part 1)
Protection & Grounding Techniques
Attunements for Spiritual Healing & the NFSH “Act of Healing” (Part 1)
Healing Protocols (Introduction)
Breathing Techniques & Relaxation (Part 1)
Meditation (Part 1)
The Role of the Creative Mind & Positive Thinking Techniques (Part 1)
Stress Management (Part 1)

Sensing Energies (Practicals – done in all 4 Parts of the Course)

HISTORY OF SPIRITUAL HEALING – There is nothing “new” about spiritual/natural healing. This interesting session (including group discussion) shows how healing has been going on for many millennium.

SPIRITUAL NATURE OF HEALING (Part 1) – An introduction and insights into many spiritual awareness concepts and what the NFSH mean by the word “spiritual”.

COSMIC/UNIVERSAL ENERGY – Learn what it is and how it affects our bodies – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Understand the need to control this energy and how to use it for the benefit of ourselves and others.

CHAKRAS & AURAS (Part 1) – Learn what and where the Chakras are, how the Aura is formed, how and why they relate to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.

PROTECTION & GROUNDING TECHNIQUES – Learn why there is a need for protection and grounding and how to protect yourself against the “negative” energy.

ATTUNEMENTS FOR SPIRITUAL HEALING AND THE NFSH “ACT OF HEALING” (Part 1) – Experiential learning how to call in the Universal Healing energy in a simple, powerful (yet gentle) way to help yourself as well as others. How and why it works with the body – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, right down to cellular level.

HEALING PROTOCOLS (Introduction) – Experiential protocols of dealing professionally with your patient during the healing session.

BREATHING TECHNIQUES & RELAXATION (Part 1) – Obtain essential information about the physical body; why we need to breathe correctly; why we need to relax and how to do both. Experience it as well.

MEDITATION (Part 1) – An introduction to what meditation is and how to do it (inc. safety rules). Experience the positive beneficial healing effects meditation has on the body – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

THE ROLE OF THE CREATIVE MIND & POSITIVE THINKING TECHNIQUES (Part 1) – Gain Insight into the creative power of the mind. Experience how to look inside yourself to discover what changes are needed.

STRESS MANAGEMENT (Part 1) – Get a comprehensive experiential understanding of stress; reasons why and how it is created and how it affects you and your health. Learn some powerful and practical management techniques for improving your health.

SENSING ENERGIES – Several exercises are scattered throughout the course (all 4 Parts) for the student to sense energy in different ways – to facilitate the learning process of the spiritual aspects of energy and how energy affects the human body on all levels.

RECOMMENDED READING – We advocate reading ‘Awaken To The Light’. Click here for more information.