Healers Training Courses

Learn how to heal yourself, your family and friends, and anyone else who is in need of healing. We all have the ability to heal, and what the NFSH (UK) Healer Training Course offers is the techniques and confidence to be able to practice healing on ourselves and others.

And what is more, this is professional training. You may decide to go into clinical practice yourself once you have completed all four parts of the course.

So why take courses?

Everyone can heal naturally anyway, so why do you need to take a course?

Good question. However, there is a very good answer …

Attending a practical spiritual healing course enables you to

  • attune more clearly and powerfully to the Healing Energy
  • gain confidence in your healing ability
  • experience healing in an environment with experienced tutors to guide you
  • further your spiritual awareness
  • fine-tune your abilities

and this helps you and your patients create the positive, happy and healthy life you desire.

It will be an advantage in future to have proof of competency in order to practise as a professional Spiritual Healer. This course covers all these requirements.

The courses

The Full Healer Practitioner NFSH (UK) Healer Training Course is in four parts. However, Part 1, a 2 day Workshop, will help you to get started as a spiritual healer and will make you eligible for Associate Membership with the NFSH. The course is structured in unit standards in line with Government registration requirements.

The course is suitable for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced healer. All aspects of healing are covered in depth. This course is available throughout Australasia.

Details of each part of the course may be found by clicking on the headings below. The four parts of the course need to be taken in sequential order as they build on each other. They are experiential, and very practical, with lots of self-healing techniques. They also include role playing and group discussion. You receive comprehensive course notes on all subjects covered.

NOTE: We also offer a Combined Parts 1 and 2 Course for experienced healers and anyone who has had previous Natural Therapy training. This is available at the discretion of the Head Tutor. Dates are listed under Part 1 above, so please contact us if you would like to attend the Combined Course to see whether you are eligible.

The Healer Training Course is the official NFSH (UK) course, fully endorsed by NFSH (UK) and carries international certification and accreditation. The tutors are UK trained and certificated. Upon completion, certification is given by both NFSH (NZ) and NFSH (UK). Once you have successfully completed all 4 parts of the course, and the other Healer Member requirements as specified below, you are certificated as a Full Healer in New Zealand, and if you were to present yourself to the NFSH (UK) you would be granted their Full Healership Certificate upon a successful interview.

All courses are presented by Bob and/or Jan Arnold, our UK trained and certificated tutors. They do this through the Holistic Healing Centre at their premises in Thames, Coromandel Peninsula.

We will run Healing Courses anywhere in New Zealand or Australasia by arrangement, but the Course Fee will increase to cover travel costs. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you. Please contact us with your requirement. This NFSH (UK) healing development course is not currently available through any other provider in Australasia.

To book your place on the next course, please fill in the Registration Form, or contact us now if you have any queries.


The other requirements for being accepted into the NFSH as a Full Healer in New Zealand are:

  • Once you have completed the four parts of the course, you are given a practical competency assessment of the official NFSH Healing Format, and an oral test on the Code of Conduct. This is in front of a Healer Assessment Panel consisting of the tutor/s and a member of the NFSH Executive Committee (or representative). This takes about two hours and is arranged at a date and venue to suit everyone.
  • You need to complete a Log Book which records your healing experience, including self-healing, as well as other self-development work that you have done. Credits are given for meditation work, distant healing, attending spiritual circles, reading spiritual and self-development books, and undertaking other courses for personal development, etc.
  • You need to be sponsored by two current members and also find four people who will be willing to give testimony that you have helped them in some way while giving them healing using the NFSH format.

Details of these requirements will be clarified during the Part 4 of the course.